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UFC Ultimate MMA Glove

$40.00 Released January, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Run true to size, fit well on a variety of hand sizes. Designed to fit over hand wraps comfortably. Versatile enough for practice and actual competition.

UFC's Ultimate MMA Glove is a bare-bones polyurethane replica of the Official Fight Glove with a slightly lower price point. This glove is ideal for competitive mixed martial artists who want to train with a glove very similar to the genuine UFC fight gloves.

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It features minimal knuckle padding, a fully-open palm region for dexterity and cooling, and an adjustable wrist strap to maximize support. This model is available in color pairings of black and red or black and silver.


  • Durable polyurethane
  • Ideal for training or sparring
  • Replica of the official leather fight gloves
  • Lower price point than leather gloves
  • Adjustable wrist support strap
  • Open palm
  • Available in red or silver 

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  • 2

    run true to size, fit well on a variety of hand sizes

  • 2

    designed to fit over hand wraps comfortably

  • 2

    versatile enough for practice and actual competition

  • 2

    can put up with regular use without wearing out

  • 1

    design looks modern and slick, bold logo stands out

  • 1

    padding gives good protection for the hands

  • 0

    feel light and maneuverable, don't weigh your hands down


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