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Red Ryder Commemorative BB Gun

$80.00 Released November, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Great BB capacity means less reloading. No wasteful CO2 cartridges. Easy function & care great for all ages.

The Cons:Other parts look cheaply made. Cocking lever is plastic.

Timeless and proven, the Daisy Red Ryder remains one of the most popular BB guns around. Generations of Americans have grown up with this lever-cocking, spring air rifle.

The stained solid wood stock is imprinted with a lariat logo, and it has a burnished forearm band.
Saddle ring with leather thong for the look of a real western carbine.

This .177-caliber BB gun has a 650-shot capacity, and it boasts a muzzle velocity of 280 feet per second and a maximum distance of 195 yards. With a smooth-bore barrel, this rifle is 35.4" long and is a lightweight 2.2 pounds.

Sights: Blade and ramp front, adjustable open rear. The safety is crossbolt trigger block.

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    Great BB capacity means less reloading

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    No wasteful CO2 cartridges

  • 4

    Easy function & care great for all ages

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    Pump-load action is quick and easy

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    Great nostalgia factor

  • -2

    Cocking lever has little chance of pressure-cut pinching hands

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    Other parts look cheaply made

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    Cocking lever is plastic

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Howlsthunder: #red_ryder_commemorative_bb_gun I bought one of these for my best friend for Christmas, only it was not part of a kit and came as the gun alone. Of the Daisy air rifles available this was middle-of-the-road but a great value for the gun-alone price ($34 at Wal-Mart). The simplicity of loading and one-pump load & power action make this a great gun for beginners and younger marksmen. The accuracy wasn't bad for mid-to-close ranges; the inability to do multiple pumps for greater distance make this a poor gun for longer distances but I don't think this gun was meant for experts.

The construction of the gun was a bit less than I was hoping; the gun is lighter than it looks and the metal looks flimsy though it is durable enough. My biggest complaint is that the cocking lever is plastic. With all the movement and force applied to that part one would think it would of been made of metal.

The gun is sized for kids (or very small adults) and can be strange to use as an adult used to full-sized rifles. But the Red Ryder form factor helps this gun go a long way in terms of nostalgia. Apr 2, 09
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: i bought one for 23 bucks at walmart last month. great for popping dogs that gety into my garbage--doesnt harm em, just a good sting. I know. i had one when i was a kid and my bro shot me more than once. :) Apr 1, 11

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