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Real Sword RS Type 97B AEG

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Extremely realistic. Matches original Type 97B very closely in look, size, and weight. Extremely realistic.

The Cons:Can be mistaken for a real firearm. Not alot of accessories available (Only 1 rail able to be mounted). Compact internally, difficult to fit large batteries.

The RS Type 97B AEG is an Airsoft gun made as a replica of the Type 97B 5.56mm Chinese assault rifle made by Real Sword. Airsoft is similar to paintball, except instead of firing paint capsules, airsoft rifles fire small plastic pellets that leave no visible marks on clothing.

Product Shot 2 Many of the games played are similar to paintball, with the exception that players must call out when they've been hit using the honor system. Airsoft originated in Japan in the 1950s when guns were difficult to acquire as a way for gun enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby. It remains much more popular than paintball in Asia.

This replica Type 97B matches the original Chinese assault rifle to almost every specification expect, of course, the caliber and type of bullet. The airsoft model fires 6 mm plastic pellets that are often coated with a silicone spray to reduce air resistance and typically have a mass between .12 grams and .25 grams; pellets cost around $16 for a tub of 10,000. The RS Type 97B fires it's rounds with a muzzle velocity of 89 m/s compared to the 830 m/s of the original.

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    Extremely realistic

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    Matches original Type 97B very closely in look, size, and weight

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    Extremely realistic

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    Very Durable, Quality parts throughout

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    Very accurate

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    Can be mistaken for a real firearm

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    Not alot of accessories available (Only 1 rail able to be mounted)

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    Compact internally, difficult to fit large batteries

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    If you are contacted by the authorites and THEY think its a real firearm you could be shot or killed.

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Anonymous: #real_sword_rs_type_97b_aeg @heapatrouble f off and keep fondling with your paint BALLS. Pussy. Oct 29, 10
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heapatrouble: #real_sword_rs_type_97b_aeg Sure the Paintball hurts more. If the simple motivation of Winning isn't sufficient, perhaps not wanting to feel the minor pain of a Paintball impact might motivate the player to NOT GET HIT! Besides, I know for a fact that almost anytime an average citizen sees a person - any person - running around with a realistic-looking Airsoft gun, they are going to call the police. And that 's a recipe for disaster if the person carrying the Airsoft doesn't do what the police tell him to do. Personally, outside of its arguable uses as a paramilitary training aid, I think that Airsoft-type products are one of the most irresponsibly marketed items out there. Aug 22, 07
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Erik: #real_sword_rs_type_97b_aeg Assuming the average muzzle velocity is 90 m/s for both Airsoft and Paintball, and that Airsoft pellets weigh between 0.12 and 0.25 grams and that paintballs weight 3.6 grams (according to Wiki Answers), Paintball hurts way more! Aug 21, 07
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heapatrouble: #real_sword_rs_type_97b_aeg The unspoken benefits of paintball are twofold: first, it's extremely unlikely that a paintball gun will be mistaken for a real firearm and second, paintballs 'mark' what they hit thereby eliminating any debate on that point. Aug 21, 07
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Erik: #real_sword_rs_type_97b_aeg I came across that Airsoft forum, and I was very intrigued by this sport. I would way rather do airsoft than paintball. Kind of scary though. Aug 19, 07
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